About The Annual Report
The OMK Annual Report for 2019 includes the company’s results for the reporting period from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019.

Operating results have been consolidated in the OMK Annual Report according to an internal company directive. OMK’s sustainable development actions and performance are presented in accordance with GRI Standards.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee approved the OMK Annual Report for 2019 on 28 April 2020.

  1. 1.0Overview
  2. 1.1About the company
  3. 1.2Geographical reach
  4. 1.3Results
  5. 1.4Message from the Chair of the Board of Directors
  6. 1.5Main events in 2019
  1. 2.0Strategy
  2. 2.1Mission and vision
  3. 2.2Values
  4. 2.3Strategy implementation
  5. 2.4Investment
  6. 2.5R&D
  7. 2.6Market overview
  1. 3.0Operating results
  2. 3.1Message from the Chair of the Management Board
  3. 3.2Operating indicators
  1. 4.0Corporate governance
  2. 4.1Approach to corporate governance
  3. 4.2Board of Directors
  4. 4.3Management Board
  5. 4.4Compliance system
  1. 5.0Sustainable development
  2. 5.1Message from the Head of the Human Resources Department
  3. 5.2Sustainable development practices
  4. 5.3HR management
  5. 5.4Production safety
  6. 5.5Environmental safety
  7. 5.6Energy saving programmes
  8. 5.7Quality management
  9. 5.8Responsible procurement
  10. 5.9Social projects
  11. 5.10Charity
  12. 5.11Internal audit review
  1. Appendices
  2. АMaterial topics
  3. BGRI Standards Index
  4. CInformation about members of the Board of Directors and Management Board
  1. Contacts
Проверка службы внутреннего аудита

Conclusion as to the accuracy of data presented in the Sustainable Development section following a review by OMK’s internal audit service. To ensure the accuracy of information disclosed about OMK Group’s sustainable development activities, all data presented in the Sustainable Development section have undergone internal review by the relevant individuals in OMK’s operational divisions. Information about interactions between company representatives and various stakeholder groups has been approved by OMK’s Corporate Communications Directorate and in official OMK press releases for 2019.

The OMK Corporate Social Responsibility Committee also decided to supplement the information preparation cycle for the annual report with an internal audit of consolidation procedures for material environmental and social indicators.

In accordance with this decision, the internal audit service reviewed the indicators presented in ‘Share of products subject to consumer complaints’. This analysis of original information sources confirmed the accuracy of the data for APP, BVP, VSW, CSW, and Trubodetal.

Material topics

The working group responsible for preparing the OMK Annual Report for 2019 identified the material topics to be addressed in compliance with the principles of the GRI Standards.

  • Internal OMK experts selected key issues from GRI Standards 201-419 on global best practices.
  • They surveyed management and stakeholder representatives, and analysed publications in the media and on social networks.
  • On the basis of these points, they created a materiality matrix.

The horizontal axis analysed the significance of OMK’s impact on various important topics. The vertical axis analysed the significance of the topics for stakeholders. The highest possible score was five points. Essential topics to be addressed were selected from the top right of the matrix, above the cutoff line. A separate decision was made to include OMK’s charitable activities and the OMK Uchastie fund in regions where OMK operates.

  1. Economic performance
  2. Market presence
  3. Procurement practices
  4. Anticorruption
  5. Energy
  6. Water and effluents
  7. Biodiversity
  8. Emissions
  9. Effluents and waste
  10. Employment
  1. Occupational health and safety
  2. Training and education
  3. Diversity and equal opportunity
  4. Local communities
  5. Trade union organizations and collective bargaining agreements
  6. Supplier social assessment